Airport Parking at Manchester Airport

There’s a whole range of airport parking at Manchester available. Take a look below at the information on short and long stay options as well as Meet and Greet and Valet packages

Short Stay Parking

Short stay parking is recommended for stays up to four hours and is available at all terminals, with covered walkways connecting them to the airport.

Disabled Parking

Within thre Short Stay car parks you’ll find Disabled bays with 24hr assistance available. If you wish to park in a disabled bay but take your badge with you whilst you’re away, please contact the help desk via the ‘help’ button ont he entry barrier.

Motorcycle parking

Motorcycle parking is available in the multistorey car parks and are bookable for 50% of the normal tarrif. Please call the parking team on 0808 169 7030 to book.

Short Stay parking charges

Please note that prices above are correct for stays in the Multi Storey Car Parks as well as the T1 and T3 Arrivals car park.
First 30 minutes £4
30 minutes – 1 hour £6.50
1 – 2 hours £9.50
2 – 4 hours* £18.00
Up to 24hrs and additional 24hrs thereafter £40
*Maximum stay at T3 arrivals is 2hrs. Any stay over this time will be charged £50 per day

Drop Off and Pick Up Charges

Manchester Airport will start to charge drivers who use the Drop Off and Pick Up facilities outside terminals, as of July 10th 2018. Users can expect to be charged £3 for 5 minutes or £4 for 10, or alternatively passengers can use the free drop off point (located at the current Jetparks 1 site) and take the shuttle bus to their correct terminal.

Compare Manchester Long Stay Parking

Long Stay parking is ideal if you’re heading off for more than a few days. You’re also more likely to save money on your booking, especially if you book in advance. Be sure to use a price comparison site explore the cost of more than 47 Manchester Airport car parks to see how much you could save. Use the form at the top of the page to run your quote.

Manchester Meet & Greet and Valet Parking packages

For a more convenient way to park, how about the Meet and Greet service? Drive your car through the inspection shelter where it’s condition will be scanned, then leave your keys with a dedicated chauffeur who will take your vehicle and park it for you in a safe and secure airport location. You can then be rest assured your vehicle is in safe hands whilst you take a short stroll to your terminal.
For that little extra to start your trip, how about Meet and Greet Plus? This includes the above, but you also get additional Fast Track through security for you and the rest of the party travelling with you.
If you really feel like treating yourself, why not upgrade to a Valet service, too? Prices start at just £19.99 for a bronze package!