New planes at Manchester

The head of the International Air Transport Association described the service levels seen at Heathrow Airport this year as a “national embarrassment”.

Set against this bad news is the optimistic feeling emerging from Manchester Airport since the announcement that the all-new Boeing 737-900 will soon be departing from their runways.

As of May 2008, XL Airways is offering flights on this new aircraft, which is bigger and better than any of its Boeing siblings.

It is more attractive, holds dozens more passengers and, believe it or not, is even better for the environment.

During an age in which the aviation industry is suffering from an oil crisis and generally being closely monitored, it is a nice surprise to see that the new Boeing uses up to 2.5% less fuel per passenger per flight.

The new planes provide another option for passengers travelling to some of the most popular holiday destinations, such as Spain and Tenerife.

During the seven years that Manchester and XL Airways have been working together, they have made great advances in the aviation industry and introducing the new models seemed a logical step for them to take., the larger company to AL Airways, has certainly earned its stripes and was named the world’s leading charter airline in 2007.

If the service is a success, plans will be put in place to bring the new planes to London Gatwick by the end of 2009. If you want to see the new Boeing 737-900 in action then have a look here.