Manchester-bound "flight from hell"

If your holiday plans this summer include a flight with budget carrier Jet2, it is probably best to look away now!

The Yorkshire based leisure airline, which until 2006 operated out of Bournemouth, has had to issue an apology to furious passengers for the "flight from hell" which they endured at the beginning of Aug.

Passengers due to fly home from Rome Fiumicino airport were already feeling disgruntled when they boarded the plane three hours later than expected.

They then had to sit on board in sweltering temperatures of over thirty degrees for three hours, during which time they were served just one complimentary soft drink.

The plane was then unloaded and passengers sat in the terminal building for another two and a half hours before receiving the bad news that they would not be flying back to Manchester that night since the flight had now been cancelled.

The airline booked overnight accommodation in local hotels but what they were less successful in doing was arranging transport, with some passengers having to foot taxi bills of £80 because there was simply no room for passengers and their luggage on the transport provided by Jet2.

Matters in the transport department were no better the next morning, with a coach, which was already half full, turning up to ferry 140 passengers to the airport for their flight home. One passenger described the free-for-all which ensued, with women and children being pushed off the bus.

A spokesman for the airline has explained that the root cause of the debacle was a small technical fault and that the situation was exacerbated by the fact that Jet2 has no ground staff at Rome.

He has promised an investigation to ensure that better service will be provided the next time there is an incident of this sort.

One rather suspects, however, that for many of the passengers there simply will be no next time with Jet2!

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