Manchester within Europe’s top 20 airports

Manchester has recently claimed a spot within Europe’s top 20 busiest airports after records show 26 million passengers passed through the airport in the past 12 months since February 2016. That’s over 100 times more people than can fit in the Manchester Stadium!

The milestone is a great achievement for the airport, as it highlights 3 years of consistent growth, with 1.7m passengers passing through its terminals in February alone.

23 million passengers surge through Manchester Airport every year

Ken O’Toole , Manchester Airport CEO, said: “It’s been another strong month of growth for Manchester Airport and passing the 26 million passenger mark is another important milestone for us.

“Growth has been delivered across the board, reflecting the fact Manchester is now one of the world’s top 15 airports when it comes to the number of different destinations flown to.

“It is particularly pleasing to see the continued growth of our long haul network with the announcements of new routes to Casablanca and Riyadh giving the 22 million people in our catchment area even more choice.”

Manchester officials pay credit to staggered half-terms and spreading consistent use of mid-week flights for passengers rather than an individual week. Manchester has further plans to create opportunity for more flights with the likes of Ryanair, Flybe, easyJet and being added to the network of airlines operating from the airport,which in turn may also result in more long haul flights. Royal Air Maroc & Saudia Airlines also recently implemented new flight services to their respective destinations of Casablanca and Riyadh.

For a full list of different providers, see the Manchester Airport Terminals by choosing the different terminal options.

Mr O’Toole also went on to describe how upcoming flights to San Francisco with Virgin Atlantic and Thomas Cook would increase passengers numbers further, adding: “We are also looking forward to pressing ahead with our £1bn Transformation Programme, which will pave the way for more growth in the years to come, at the same time as providing our passengers with world class service levels.”

As a result of more passengers, aircraft movement was up with over 13,200 flights taking off. Cargo levels also rose with a boost of 8,066 tonnes in February alone with the overall annual level reaching 115,040 tonnes.

It’s hardly a suprise that Manchester Airport has been announced as part of the top 20 busiest European airports, then! And we may it rise through the ranks as time goes on…

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