Manchester Airport uses world’s most modern and efficient plane

An aircraft boasting the title of world’s most ‘efficient and modern’ plane has started service at Manchester Airport. The Singapore Airline Airbus 350-900 touched down for the first time in the UK at 8am on Tuesday, 40 minutes ahead of schedule! This development makes Manchester the only non-London airport within the UK to have this specific plan in operation, and will see the Asian airline serve Houston and Singapore from its terminals.

Singapore Airlines Airbus logo

Stephen Turner, commercial director at Manchester Airport, added: “The introduction of Singapore Airlines’ A350 is a historic moment for Manchester Airport, as we welcome this aircraft for the first time on a scheduled service here.

The Airbus, which is built up of 53pc combination of polymer and carbon is lighter, quieter and overall a more economical aircraft than any other used today, and will become a replacement for the current Boeing 777. The plane also uses aluminium and titanium alloys, whilst the wings are assembled at the £400m factory owned by Airbus in Chester. 67 aircrafts have been ordered by Singapore Airlines and production techniques are always being fine tuned to ensure constant improvement of the planes. The process of production, all the way through to flying the aircraft, will mean more than 6,000 jobs in the UK will be created alone, with an additional 5,000 positions in production supply chain.

Singapore Airlines’ general manager of UK and Ireland, Sheldon Hee, spoke about the A350 proving to be a commitment to the North-West and its economy. Also adding ““It is great to see that by working alongside Airbus our A350s have helped support jobs in the North West and wider UK economy and also allowed this region to showcase itself as a hotbed of technological talent.”

The flights would run 5 times a week between Manchester and Singapore on every day of the week, except Tuesday and Friday. As for the second destination, westbound flights to Singapore (continuing to Houston after a Manchester stopover) will operate again 5 times a week, excluding Monday and Thursday.

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