Manchester Airport sees major growth and expansion

September saw approximately 2.8 million passengers pass through Manchester Airport, something that the airport claim has been dramatically boosted by the arrival of thousands of international students.

Visitors travel from the Far East, the Middle East, the US and all over Europe in order to study at one of the 25 universities which are situated within the Manchester Airport catchment area, ready for the academic year.
Representatives from 18 of the various educational institutes (such as Leeds, Sheffield, Huddersfield, York, Liverpool, Central Lancashire, Bolton, Manchester and Bangor) were on hand at the airport to welcome foreign students to the UK.
The increase of travellers through the airport’s doors, brings the overall number up to a total of 27.6 million, which is an 11% year on year increase.

Andrew Cowan, chief executive of Manchester Airport, said: “One of the key selling points of the Northern Powerhouse is the fact there are so many universities providing world-class education and research.
“Giving international students quick and easy access to the towns and cities they have chosen for their studies is an example of Manchester Airport playing its role as the UK’s global gateway in the North.
“It was great to play host to so many different universities from across the patch during the past month and to welcome thousands of international students to the North for the first time.”

What other good news is there for Manchester Airport?

The retail facilities are undergoing a £1bn rejuvenation programme, named ‘We are changing’ in an attempt to improve the size and experience of the shopping areas of the airport while bringing in high-street brands. Terminal 2 is expected to double in size, creating 60 new units with with a combined space of over 167,000 sq ft. The new space will not only be a chance for high street brands to move into the airport, but also an opportunity for exclusive pop-up brands to showcase their products, too.

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