Manchester Airport opens new security area

Clearing security at any airport can be a nightmare at any airport but Manchester was recently declared by travellers as one of the worst in the UK, particularly their airport security. Manchester’s response? Let’s do something about this!

Immigration guard at Manchester Airport

However, with the opening of a new £10 million security area at Terminal 1, the queues and hassle could be things of the past.

It may sound like something from Big Brother, but psychologists have been studying the body language and oral communication of passengers, from the minute they arrive at the airport to the time they board the plane, to assess the variations in their mental state. Not surprisingly, they discovered that clearing security is the most stressful experience and something that most of us want to get through as quickly as possible.

With this in mind, the airport has decided to reduce landside facilities and put all their new investment into improving facilities airside, recognising that few of us are able to relax before we have cleared security. Having jumped through the security hoops, passengers will now be able to enjoy shopping, eating and drinking in a new multi-million pound environment, one of the largest in the UK.

As far as security itself is concerned, £2.2 million has been spent on new X-ray machines which can take 3D colour images of the contents of passengers’ hand luggage. New vapour-sniffing machines have been installed to check for unauthorized liquids – a headache for most airports, following the restrictions imposed in Aug 2006. For more information about packing, security and customs, see our Manchester Security Guide.

Ten security lanes are currently open, with four more set to open next month, in time for the summer rush. Extra staff have been taken on, existing staff have had extra training in the new machinery and the security hall itself has been specially designed to induce a relaxed state of mind in passengers.

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