Man charged £900 at Manchester Airport car park

A man was charged just under £900 to park his car at a Manchester Airport car park for two weeks whilst on holiday.

Mr Carr, aged 28, who works for Lancashire City Council, was holidaying in Barbados with his family and he didn’t discover the mistake until he was back at his home. He had booked his parking space two weeks beforehand, paying a discount rate of £51.99 under a super saver deal.

He was later horrified to discover the company had taken an additional £842.90 from his account.

Mr Carr phoned the company and a telephone operator said he would return the call in ten days once he had discovered what the problem was. At that stage Mr Carr understood that an investigation would be carried out, not that the money would be refunded.

He faced the prospect of going into overdraft once other bills went out of his account. He said “it would have been better if I had paid on a credit card but this money has gone from my current account. At first I thought it had been online fraudsters”.

Had he gone into overdraft with his current account he would have faced a £60 charge per day.

However, Mr Carr then phoned the Manchester Evening News who intervened. The money was then returned to his account and the original fee waived as a gesture of good will.

A spokesman said the huge over-charge was due to a “one-off system error which calculated the car parking charge incorrectly.”

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