You can now travel direct to China from Manchester Airport!

People arriving at Jiuzhaigou Airport, mainland China from Manchester

Manchester Airport has made history by becoming the first UK airport outside of London to offer direct flights to the mainland in China. The route, which will take place four times a week, will offer a huge convenience to the 100,000 passengers who have, up until now, been flying non-direct.

Not only will this be great for the passengers, but according to Transport Minister Andrew Jones, the route will be worth a staggering £250m in economic benefits. Mr Jones also added: “The new route between Manchester and Beijing is a testament to the strength of the Northern Powerhouse, opening up the North of England to investment while benefitting the many thousands of people who currently travel between the cities each year.”

The route was launched on Friday (10/06/16) and has already proved very popular, reaching over 90% capacity. It will cut journey times to just 10 ½ hours as passengers will no longer need to wait for a connecting flight, and whilst this may hardly seem like a short journey, the fact that this service is now available means it has been shortened by nearly four hours!

With huge trade, tourism and economic benefits guaranteed from this new route, we are looking forward to seeing the relationships formed between these two cities! Don’t forget to tell us what you think in the comments section below.

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