A taste of the luxury life! – Manchester Airport

Premi-Air, Manchester Airport’s new private terminal which offers luxuries such as passenger transportation via a chauffeur driven car (even if flying economy), is being opened in September 2019.

The terminal will be offering a luxury experience to travellers at a fraction of the price of a first class flight. Basic service includes hand baggage travel only will be available for as little as £50.

All security checks will be completed within the private terminal and transfers to your flight will be completed within the hour of takeoff.

Passengers can enhance the experience further with the premium service; pay £100 per person and receive a service which includes private lounge access with panoramic view of the airfield alongside complimentary wifi magazines and newspapers. If that wasn’t enough, the premium service also offers a range of drinks available including wine, champaign and local beers, as well as meals made to order by a resident chef.

And if that wasn’t enough! There is no queuing – passengers will have their luggage checked and processed within the private terminal. Much like the basic service, the premium package also provides private transfer via chauffeur to your flight.

PremiAir’s General Manager Mart Louwerse added: “PremiAir has been launched following specific feedback from passengers that it is a facility that they would welcome.”
Explaining the new service, the website says: “PremiAir offers business and leisure travellers alike the ultimate travel experience, no private jet required.”

Should you be arriving into Manchester Airport, there are also two arrivals package costing on offer. For £125, the service provides private transfer to the terminal combined with a dedicated passport chanel for extra speedy arrival. You can also make use of a private lounge while waiting for your suitcases to arrive. Passengers can choose to buy both the arrivals and departures package together for just £175.

Manchester Airport Luxury Terminal

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